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A Word from our President

Hello there,

Since the establishment of Divergence Academy in 2014, it has been our drive to place emerging tech vocational training on the map in DFW (starting with our Data Science program). Since then, we have been blessed and humbled to have trained and propelled so many self-motivated professionals and aspiring technologists into new career paths.

This is our very first outcomes report, completed in collaboration with Sutton Frost Cary LLP (SFC). It includes data for 196 learners who participated in programs that ended between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020. Before we could begin benchmarking our data, we wanted to establish a framework that clearly outlines what “counts” as a job placement and what does not. As a result, we have taken inspiration from the standards and working descriptors established by General Assembly and used outcomes definitions set by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to develop our process.

2020 was a year of many transitions and an exercise in meeting challenges head-on. We moved into a new larger location with five modern classrooms in January; then completely transitioned to a remote-live training delivery model in line with COVID-19 social distancing protocols. On February 15th, 2020, we started our biggest campaign to reach out to companies around the U.S. to educate and bring awareness about Divergence’s programs and students graduating from our programs.

We also built out our virtual Career Services Department, added weekly Monday and Wednesday evening Career Services workshops, and opened free slots in the new cohorts for graduates to continue learning. We returned to campus on June 8th, only to be shuttered again on June 24th. While we did not know if this was going to be the new norm, we prepared for a post COVID-19 business which meant transitioning to a fully hybrid on-campus and remote live-training delivery. By November 30th, 2020, we graduated roughly 320 learners in twelve months, eight times the growth we experienced the previous year.

With an 85% placement rate through October 2019, Divergence Academy prides ourselves in helping our graduates with Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, and Job Search Networking skills. Now, as we approach the close of the year, I am proud to report that 40% of the recent graduates out of 90 are actively interviewing, accepting positions but have not started work yet, or have already been placed.

2021 is just beginning. Because of that, we are excited to share that we will continue to equip our community of learners with MORE course offerings—continuing to bring the most relevant, in-demand skills to market. We are adding new 400-hr, 20-weekend immersive courses such as Cybersecurity Core Technical and Cybersecurity Risk Management. We are also offering 120-hr, 6-weekend short courses for learners who wish to pursue careers as DevOps Engineers and Cloud Computing Consultants.

Moreover, we are investing in Apprenticeship programs for Cyber Technician and Data Technician roles. The idea is to provide the Earn & Learn model with an opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Department of Labor. Last June 26th, President Trump signed an executive order removing a requirement to have graduate degrees for federal jobs. This order focuses on Vocational Certifications and Apprenticeships for the new kind of remote work coming in the very future.

Many industry leaders now say that it took a virus to fast-track Digital Transformation efforts. But while this renewed focus was prompted by the unique challenges brought about by COVID-19, the intent to highlight Certs and Apprenticeships has been in existence for the last 8 years. As such, while no one can see the road ahead, we will find our way through this; just as others have before us. At the end of that road, trust me, we are going to have another grand celebration.

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Sravan Ankaraju

President & Co-Founder

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