Customized Train-to-Hire Model

Customized Train-to-Hire Model


How would you partner with a company to deliver a Train-to-Hire program and highlight any white-labeled training programs your organization has delivered in the past?

We work with Dallas College and Tarrant College and deliver Skills Development Funds (SDF) training to Enterprise Clients like RealPage, ARGO Data, Thomson Reuters, Marlow Industries, Health Management Solutions (HMS) and Inspirus/SODEXO. As a partner/vendor of these Workforce Development Centers of colleges, the courses are designed, developed and delivered as a white labeled solutions. The strategic vendor relationship has been in place since 2017. As a strategic partner, Divergence Academy has also delivered training to under represented population thru for the same Dallas College system.

How many Fortune 500 clients do you have today for your existing programs and, if applicable, clients of programs related to enterprise Train-to-Hire?

Our corporate solutions are two-fold:

  1. Corporate Learning – an offering that is a parter-thru community colleges for Enterprise companies like Thomson Reuters, Sodexo/Inspirus, RealPage, HMS, ARGO Data, HMS, and Marlow Industries. The course catalog with a minimum of six courses with an average duration of 24 hours is developed by Divergence Academy for delivery over 18 months time.
  2. Talent Development – a new offering that launched in January 2020 (pre-pandemic) for Data Engineering Train-to-Hire for Capital One. The effort paused during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, the efforts of the offering centered around Talent Placement along with Learning Advisory for organizations like like Brinker International, Susan H Komen, Outmatch HCM, and Authentix.

Our graduates have been picked up by Fortune 500 companies for no fee - AT&T, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Capital One Finance and Booz Allen Hamilton.

How long would you expect the timeline to be for this program overall and at each of the following stages:

  • Program design
  • Recruitment
  • Training Delivery


Program Design
4 weeks
Six (6) weeks: Cohorts start every 6 weeks. 85% of the demographic is Military.
Eight (8) weeks: Understand the culture fit, onboarding criteria and recruit outside of current demographic will take 8 weeks.
Training Delivery
10 weeks
10 weeks