Security Operations Management Immersive

Security Operations Management Immersive


Program Overview

  1. Vocational Management Pathway Program
  2. Focused on Security Management job skills in NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) OVERSEE & GOVERN, COLLECT & OPERATE, and ANALYZE areas.
  3. Zero Trust = Trust Nothing
  4. Program Level: Beginner to Intermediate Level

Program Length: 400 hours

Certifications: Four vouchers are made available for learners towards certifications listed below.

  1. CISSP
  2. SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst:
  3. The Microsoft Security Operations Analyst collaborates with organizational stakeholders to secure information technology systems for the organization. Their goal is to reduce organizational risk by rapidly remediating active attacks in the environment, advising on improvements to threat protection practices, and referring violations of organizational policies to appropriate stakeholders.

    Responsibilities include threat management, monitoring, and response by using a variety of security solutions across their environment. The role primarily investigates, responds to, and hunts for threats using Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security products. Since the Security Operations Analyst consumes the operational output of these tools, they are also a critical stakeholder in the configuration and deployment of these technologies.

  4. CMMC

Target Audience:

  1. Security Professional who want to understand the concepts covered in the CISSP exam as determines by (ISC)2.
  2. Manager who want to understand the critical areas of information security.
  3. System, security, and network administrators who want to understand the pragmatic application of the CISSP 8 domains.
  4. Security professionals and managers looking for practical ways to apply the 8 domains of knowledge to their current activities.

Job roles aligned to pathways:



Manage Information Security Systems (160 hours)

  • CISSP Domains 1-8: Security & Risk Management Foundations, Asset Security, Security, Architecture & Engineering, Communication & Network Security, Security Assessment and Testing, Security Operations, Software Development Security

Monitor Zero-Trust Systems (120 hours)

  • SIEM & SOAR with Azure Sentinel: Enable SIEM, Synchronize Threat Model, Monitor Files, Email & Web, Perform IP Blacklisting, Implement DDoS Protection, Block Malicious Domains, Implement Adaptive Access Control, Leverage Playbook Automation, Conduct Incident Response

Manage CMMC Compliance (40 hours)

  • Preparation for CMMC Certified Professional: Managing Risk with the Federal Supply Chain, Ensuring Compliance through CMMC, Performing the General Responsibilities of a CMMC Certified Professional, Implementing and Evaluating CMMC Level 1-5, Preparing for an Assessment

Perform Assessment Capstone (80 hours):

  • Project Work